Inspired by the "Cobra" shape, the patented design combines the advantages of modularization and integral die-casting with a streamlined shape. Chips are imported light source, its high efficiency, long life, a variety of light distribution curve optional. Streamline design of lamps and lanterns, good heat dissipation effect. The overall appearance of the street lamp die-cast from aluminum, light quality, easy to install and maintain, equipped with a variety of light shell to meet the lighting needs of different road environment, excellent heat dissipation structure to ensure the effective light source, life and the best working conditions.

Description: LED-FXSLXX/60K
Wattage: 35/50/80/100W
Color Temp: 2700~6500K
Efficacy(Lm/W): 105
Input Voltage: 90-305V
CRI: 70
Rated Life(Hours): 50,000 Hrs
  • Plusrite
  • 35W/50W/80W/100W
  • 2700K~6500K
  • 90-265V/90-305V
  • 70
  • TypeⅢ
  • 100/105(Lm/W)