LED-GK505 High Bay-IP65

The LED High Bay is the best replacement for both industrial and commercial applications. The high
lumen efficacy reduces the inefficient bulbs up to 1000W MH and can be easily installed in most areas
by a hook mount (default setting). The fixture also gives you complete control of the light output with a
1V to 10V dimming feature to control the lumens. This unique fixture is built for durability and longevity
with a weatherproof IP65 rating and 50,000 hour life rating backed by 5 year warranty.

Description: LED-GK505-XXW
Wattage: 50/100/150/200W
Color Temp: 4000/5000/6000K
Efficacy(Lm/W): 120
Input Voltage: 90-305V
CRI: 80
Rated Life(Hours): 50,000 Hrs
Beam Angle: 30°/ 60° /90°/90*120°/80*150°
  • LED-GK505
  • Plusrite
  • 50W/100W/150W/200W
  • 4000K/5000K/6000K
  • 90-305V
  • 80
  • 30°/60°/90°/90*120°/80*150°
  • 120(Lm/W)
  • 5 Years

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