LED-FB720 Explosion proof Light

Standard wire, single LED lamp control equipment,OFDM technology, PLC communication, so the barrier alarm.0-100% non - polar dimming.
2.WLAN Ethernet interface automatically networking, can achieve telemetry, remote control, remote signal power, chronometer control, custom scene control, a variety of time schemes and a variety of lights on and off mode Settings, three-phase electrical access, with 4 circuit expansion single element can achieve up to 16 circuit centralized control.
  • LED-FB720 Explosion proof Light
  • Plusrite
  • 20~80W/100~120W/150~200W/240-300W
  • 5500-6000K
  • 100-240VAC
  • ≥70
  • 120° (60°, 90° is optional)
  • 120-130(LM/W)
  • 50000Hrs
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